How Much Does a Cake Cost?

The most common question I get asked is how much does a Sweet Lucy cake cost?

To a cake decorator that is similar to asking how long is a piece of string (but I do have an answer!)

Your local cake decorator is much like an artist, a piece of art can range from a postcard size

reprint to a one of a kind 3m square wall canvas (and everything in between). While all

different it all depends on what you love, suits your event and your budget.

I make your cake from scratch using quality ingredients, custom designed specifically for you.

This means you won’t find mass produced, preservatives or additives in my cakes and

therefore you won’t find any bakery or supermarket type cakes here.

You can find a price guide on our website, just click here

All prices include fresh baked, custom designs and made with love. A final price and quote will

depend on final design, decorations, details, serves, finishing and delivery details.

Get a free quote by filling in the contact form here, email us at or

call 0407 618 535 to ask any queries you have.

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