How To Choose The Right Sized Cake.

Are you wanting to order or make a cake for a special event on your calendar?

I guess you’ll be wanting to make sure that you don’t have a cake too small or too big.

It’s better to have more than enough, rather than not enough, but to get as close to the

right size is ideal. Mind you, Sweet Lucy cake's taste even better the next day, so no problem

if you have leftovers!

For a 1 year old, party cakes are normally cut into very small pieces. With an adult male party on

the other hand, if there are people drinking alcohol, a lot of guests may decline a piece of cake.

I find that at certain parties the amount of cake you require will be a little different each time.

Therefore, when it’s time for the cake, smaller portions are usually handed out as everybody’s belly is usually full from all of the other tasty treats.

I also find that for more laid back events or Children’s Birthday's it is better to provide Buttercream Cakes, and the more formal events such as Weddings and 21st Birthdays, a more refined Fondant Cake is supplied. In this case, the serving size piece is usually smaller as there are often more mouths to feed, along with more mouths that have already been fed with a proper meal size beforehand.

Chocolate Drizzle Explosion Cake

As a guide...

A Buttercream standard 8′′ (20cm) round cake feeds approximately 15-18 people.

An 8′′ round Fondant covered cake usually feeds approximately 22-25 people.

Another reason why cakes purchased from a local cake maker feed more people, is because the cake usually stands at least 4 inches high (10cm), where as if you were to bake a cake for yourself, most recipes allow for about a 2 inch high cake. So because there is more cake upwards, this means that less cake sideways needs to be served.

Choosing the right sized cake for your special event here in Gin Gin, Bundaberg, Mt Perry or Childers is an important part of planning. And it's an area that I am able to help you with.

Get a free quote and more importantly good advice by filling in the online contact form here, email us at, call 0407 618 535 or Private Message the Sweet Lucy Facebook Page.



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