2017 - Year of the Cake


Well, why not I say! 2016 was for our family the "Year We Would Rather Forget". Don't get me wrong, we had so much to be grateful for, yet it was overshadowed by serious injury, surgery and disease diagnosis and its attempted management. So that is why I have decided to remodel 2017 and plan for BETTER and SWEETER.

So can I share the cake love with you and your family, especially if you have had a shocker of a 2016 too?

If you would like to be the first to hear of Sweet Lucy's 2017 ......

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...visit www.sweetlucy.com.au and join my mailing list. (There's a Free Top 10 Tips to Saving on Your Custom Cakes as a THANK YOU from me for subscribing).

Time to say "BYE BYE" or "GOOD RIDDANCE" to 2016 and welcome in a much more HAPPIER 2017.



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